365 giorni, Libroarbitrio

Addiction/Reverse – Doomraiser


Alone under a dim light
Walking the streets of the dark
Every night as a stray dog

Begging for a new joy

Running through the streets of the void
Chasing dreams like a dethroned king
Chasing feelings that devour my heart…
That destroy my soul

In a day time I look at the sky
His vest becoming dull
Pale and dim, the sun!
To set my wishes aflame
I still exist

Condemned in this gray Purgatory
Prisoner of high suffering
Cold sweat, angst, fears
This sanctuary’s a sanitarium
Another shot
Another throb
Another throb of life…

…To be dreaming again
To see again the light of day…
…a pale shape in the mirror
In the vertigo of the empty days
In the sand of the dreams
In the swamps of the soul



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